1. The Big Short (2015): This movie discusses the 2008 economic crisis and how a few were able to predict the fall and make money out of it! A must watch for every trader.

2. The Wolf Of WallStreet (2013): This is based on the life of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker in wall street. It is a Rags to Riches and then Riches to Rags story. Leonardo Dicaprio played the role of Jordan Belfort and directed by Martin Scorsese

3. Margin Call (2011): This is based on real-life incidents that led to the fall of Major Investing Bank during the initial stages of the 2008 crisis. It shows how large firms overlook their mistakes and their impact on the world.

4. Wall Street (1987) and Wall Street-Money Never Sleeps (2010): Well, these are two parts of the WallStreet Franchise. Douglas won an academy award for his performance in WallStreet.

5. Money Ball (2011): How you Think is How you trade and How you trade is how you succeed and this movie showcases that. This movie doesn’t deal with stockbroking but it is a biographical sports drama. With a limited budget, the team’s manager builds a competitive baseball team based on a sabermetric approach and any trader will love this movie.

Other Notable Mentions: Trader, Rogue Trader, Trading places and The corporation.