We can divide it into two parts.

  1. How to Set Virtual Background Before joining a Meeting
  2. How to Change when you are in the middle of a Meeting

1. To Set Virtual Background before joining a Meeting:

Open Zoom Application and click  Preferences.

Zoom Preferences

Inside the Preferences window, Click virtual Background. Select any backgrounds that you wish.

Zoom Virtual Background in Preferences Window

If you are not satisfied with the available backgrounds, you can add custom images by clicking the "+" icon. You can download images that mimic office from free image sites like pixabay and upload it here.

Uploading Custom Background

Now, Once you selected a background. Just close the window and join the meeting. Once you start sharing video, you can see your virtual background.

Sharing Video with Virtual Background

To Change Background in the Middle of a Meeting:

If you wish to change the background in the middle of a meeting, click the arrow next to the video icon down your screen. Click the option "Choose Virtual Background".

Changing Background in Zoom Meeting

Now, Select the background available or you can upload your own by clicking the "+" icon.

Virtual Background in Preferences Window

That's it!!